Trial Flights are flown from Coventry, North Weald, Duxford ,although other airport /airfields are available on request.The aircraft used are either Socata TB10 or Piper Archer PA28 type which have 4 seats for your comfort and any passengers who may wish to share the experience (no extra charge).All the instructors are experienced Airline Transport Pilots with significant experience on light aircraft operations and will fully brief the trainee/student pilot before departure on all aspects of the flight in question.The Aircraft all have dual controls and after instructor demonstration the student will have the opportunity to fly the aircraft themselves.
Personalised Gift Vouchers are issued for all Trial lessons and on completion, a flight certificate is presented to the person concerned as a souvenir of the flying experience.
So whether you wish to start your aviation career or buy something different for that special person,or even just experience the thrill and romance of flight,we hope we have something of interest for you! There are five different lessons to choose from ,so please call or email to book! 
The Circuit Trial Lesson (45 mins)
For those on a tight budget, our shortest lesson, total time is 45 mins (20 mins airborne). Pre & Post Flight Briefing included

£65.00 (Fully Inclusive)
The Curtiss Trial Flight (Ihr)
Total lesson time is one hour (30 min flight), Pre&Post Flight Briefing included. Ideal as a present
£90.00 (Fully Inclusive)
The Earhart Trial Flight (2hr)
Total lesson time is two hours(1hr flight) Extended Pre&Post Flight Briefing included,although also good as a gift, perhaps for the person interested in starting pilot training.This lesson is identical to the first lesson you would take for PPL training with reference to the Flight Training Syllabus.

£180.00 (Fully Inclusive)
The Johnson Trial Flight (3hr Cross Country)
Total lesson time is three hours (90 min flight),similar to the Earhart lesson but involves landing away at another airport and then the return flight. So you have the experience of two take offs and landings and also the lesson can be shared(one person doing the flight outbound and the other doing the return trip).
£270.00 (Fully Inclusive
The Lindbergh Trial  Flight (International flight to France)
This lesson involves an international flight to Le Touquet,France, a very popular resort location and takes approximately 90 mins each way(total of 3hrs flying).Once again this lesson can be shared,and you should allow the whole day,with the flight departing in the morning and returning in the afternoon(times are flexible).This gives enough time to have lunch and relax in Le Touquet enjoying the exclusive resort atmosphere before returning.This flight gives a person (persons) an excellent lifestyle demonstration of the opportunities available to a person who acquires a PPL in the future and at the same time experiencing a comprehensive exposure to the aviation environment for training purposes. (Passport required)

£540.00 (Fully Inclusive)